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EZ Tow Trailer                                                   $2099 plus shipping
                                                                                                                                                                                 (price may vary depending on accessories ordered)

Colors available: black, dark green, gray, red, yellow

The EZ Tow Trailer is a lightweight trailer at 344 pounds and measure 4 feet wide by 6 feet long. The front height is 31" and the rear height is 50 inches

It tows easy and follows the track of your vehicle. You will hardly know you are pulling an EZ Tow Trailer.

Has a rear ramp door that is 46x46 inches. Ideal as a bike trailer, wheel chair trailer or scooter trailer.

Available if 5 colors with larger 12 inch tires (8 inch shown in photo above).

Can be used for camping, catering, skiing, school sports, art shows and flea markets.

Fits easily in the garage for easy storage.

The tongue is 34 inches long from the end of the coupler to the front of the trailer.

Optional tongue length is available to allow for a front mounted accessory box.

Click below to watch video on the EZ ramp:

Optional receiver is 2x2 inch and allows you to carry bikes, BBQ grills or mount a variety of other accessories like scooter platforms. The accessories available are endless.

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The trailer door is 46" high and 46" wide.

This is 10 inches wider and 5 inches taller than the Yuppie Wagon. This allow larger items to be placed in the EZ Tow trailer. Wheelchairs and scooters will easily fit in the EZ Tow trailer.

Order #                 Accessories (call for price)                     

arr2x2                              rear 2 x 2 receiver (can hold a bike rack)                 
at12sparew                    spare tire and wheel 4.80 x 12b white rim                
at13upw                         upgrade to 13 inch tires and wheels, white rims    
at13upc                          upgrade to 13 inch chrome wheels,                        
                                        also requires at13upw     
at13sparew                   spare 13 tire and wheel, white rim                           
at12sparec                    spare 13 inch tire and wheel, chrome rim             
atiwnw                            tilt up jack with roller wheel                                        
attc                                 spare tire carrier that mounts on the tongue           

HD axle                         heavy duty frame, axle and 13" tires (carries 2600 lbs)

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